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Dutch Wire Mesh

Stainless steel dutch wire mesh is made of high quality stainless steel wire .The performance tested of Stainless steel is wear-resisting , heat-resisting , acid - resisting and corrosion resisting. Just because of these characteristics, the wire mesh made of stainless steel is extensively used in mining, chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Plain dutch weave:
Woven as a plain weave, but with the warp wires of greater diameter than the weft wires. The weft wires are very close together so that a so-called zero-mesh structure is formed; while the warp wires are thicker and arranged wider apart.

Twill dutch weave: "Twill" indicates the warp and weft wires pass alternately above two and below two wires. "Dutch" refers to the use of a heavier warp wire diameter in conjunction with a lighter weft wire diameter. This weave shows a combination of twill and dutch weave.

Plain dutch weave
Gauge No. Mesh Wire Dia.(MM)

Reference Aperture (um)

40 10×64 0.55×0.42 260
50 12×75 0.45×0.35 220
80 24×110 0.35×0.25 160
100 25×140 0.28×0.20 100
120 30×150 0.25×0.18 80
140 35×180 0.20×0.16 70
160 40×200 0.18×0.13 60
180 45×220 0.16×0.12 56
200 50×250 0.15×0.11 50
240 60×300 0.14×0.09 45
260 65×320 0.13×0.08 36
280 70×400 0.125×0.07 34
300 80×700 0.11×0.039 32

Reverse Dutch woven mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, Reverse Dutch Woven
We are Chinese professional weaver of wire mesh in stainless steel and other metals. We offers various grades of stainless steel wire mesh plain weave, stainless steel wire mesh twill weave, stainless steel Dutch plain weave, stainless steel Dutch twill weave and stainless steel bolting cloth. Our experienced technicians can produce a variety of woven patterns, Twill Weave, Plain Weave and Dutch Weave. In this page, we mainly introduce Stainless Steel Reverse Dutch Woven Wire Cloth.

Mesh per Inch (25.4mm)
Warp x Weft

Wire Diameter (mm)
Warp x Weft

Density of Warp Number/dm

Fineness of Filtering


PZ48 X 10

0.5 X 0.5




PZ290 X 76

0.09 X 0.19




PZ400 X 120

0.058 X 0.1




PZ625 X 104


Twilled Reverse Dutch Weaves Filter Ribbon screen type KPZ as Specification as following:

KPZ 72/15 MESH

KPZ 132/24 MESH

KPZ 152/24 MESH

KPZ 260/40 MESH

KPZ 325/39 MESH

Width: 67mm, 95mm, 97mm, 127mm, 133mm, 150mm, 157mm ,400mm etc

Length: 10mtrs, 20mtrs etc